Shasta read in bed 1

7 Shasta clips added to Video page 4. Reading in bed, shoe tease and glass table. standard definition, $3.99 clip

Sophia pearl nails

5 clips of Sophia's pearl nails in sandals, heels, and on glass. $3.99 each clip


Ultra speed clip of Leanne's flexible toes in whiteshoes, easy chair and on the floor. 5 clips available, $3.99 each clip, standard definition

Rose Sun 1

Ultra speed clip of Rose laying in the summer sun. 2 clips available, $3.99 each clip, standard definition

Rose black on white 1

Our favorite Rose wearing black on white. part 1 of 2 $3.99 clip, standard definition

Karo big feet 1

Six foot tall Karo's big size 11 soles. part 1 of 2 $3.99 clip, standard definition

Marie heels/sandals

Added 5 clips of Marie in heels and sandals. $3.99 clip, standard definition


Added 3 clips of the very beautiful Anna sitting on the floor and in a chair. $3.99 clip, standard definition

Sophia Transparent

A woman who wears transparent shoes must want us to see, standard definition, $3.99 clip

Ashley footstool 1

Ashley's size 11 soles on the footstool part 1 of 2. standard definition, $3.99 clip

Cindy Sit 1

Big Cindy is all legs as she sits in the recliner, part 1 of 3. $3.99 clip, standard definition

Julie Red shoes 1

Julie's toes wiggling in her red slipper shoes. Part 1 of 2, standard defintion, $3.99 clip

Dezeray's Toes 1

Dezeray sits on the floor wiggling her sensuous toes to classical piano. Part 1, $3.99

WanYi whiteshoes 1

First of four clips of WanYi's toes in her white shoes and on the white floor. $3.99 each

Katherine on bed 1

Free clip. Katherine in bed with feet between the sheets. part 1, $3.99

Shasta TV

Shasta is watching the movie Pretty Woman on tv with lots of wiggling in slippers. $3.99 clip

Maxine Table

I was so struck by her sexy feet I asked her to model and much to my surprise she did. $3.99 clip

Connie mature

This one comes with a warning. She's mature and could hurt your eyes so, watch with caution. part 2 $3.99

Alexandra Polkadot

Alexandra sitting in a chair wearing her polkadot dress wiggling up a storm. Part 1 $3.99

Bella Under

Bella sitting at the table pulls off her shoes and socks under the table. 768 pixels x 553 pixels $3.99


A lovely Persian woman with surprisingly sexy toewiggling. Part 1 $3.99

Fiona's Feet 1

Fiona's feet and long glossy red nails looking good on white: 174 big images. $4.99

Penelope White shoes

Penelope's long toes again, this time she drops off her white shoes. $3.99

Marilyn soles

Marilyn's big soles. She says they are size 10 but they look bigger to me. $3.99 clip

Ann Bed 1

Ann's big size 11 feet on the bed. 2 parts $3.99 each

Katherine slippers

Toes wiggling in cloth slippers... yumm!.

Ann's soles

Download a free clip with Ann's size 11 soles. 3 minute 25 seconds, 24 meg download, zip format

Ashley white 1

Ashley's size 10 soles in her white capri pants on the white floor. 3 parts $3.99 each clip

Sophia see-thru

View and download a free clip with Sophia in transparent shoes.
2 minute 43 seconds
17 meg download
zipped format

Gwen Stand

Gwen standing and doing some great toewiggling. $3.99

Carmen White part 1

Fifty something Carmen looks great showing off her wrinkled soles and big smile, part 1. $3.99


Some nice toe wiggling by Katherine's from several years ago. $3.99

Bella Carpet 1

Bella reads a newspaper while laying on the carpet with bare feet. $3.99

Lady in Red

SOPHIA is the kind of foot model we don't see often. She looks great in red on black in this 200 image photopack. Purchase with PayPal and download the zipped archive. Just $4.99 I've selected the best of Sophia's photo sessions and assembled them into photoPacks which include full screen browsers. Also check out SOPHIA'S VIDEO CLIPS.

Sophia tv toes 1

Sophia takes off her boots to nylons then slippers then recline on the couch. $3.99

Asami Socks

Asami's long flexible toes in white socks then bare. $3.99 clip

Hope Bare

Hope's size 11 bare feet are not pretty but, sure are sexy. $3.99 each.


No doubt about it, Lee has really sexy feet with her long toes and size 10s. 2 clips available for purchase.


Summer was one of our fist models years ago. Loved her elegant long toes. $3.99

Elena's long nails

201 photos of Elena's great nails. $4.99

Marie Shoes

Fifteen minutes of Marie shoe play video available in 3 clips at $3.99 per five minute clip.

Serena Shorts

This photopack features Serena looking very seductive in her shorts and bare feet. 164 photos with full screen browser just $4.99

Marilyn's Size 10s

200 photographs with Marilyn's size 10 feet in the photo sets Glass table, Wine, MakeUp and Gold Sandals.

Sophia Silver Wear

Sophia sure looked lovely in these images. She's all legs in this 174 image photopack featuring Sophia in Silver runners, her silver diamond Sandals and finally sitting on the Red Stool. Get this photopack on the photopack page. Just add to the cart and checkout through PayPal. The link to download will be emailed to you. The link will remain active for 24 hours.

Serena Bikini

174 image photopack of a bikini clad Serena on black. Love the lighting over these wrinkled soles.

Tracy Ultra Large

Tracy, big feet and long toes on display in this sample clip. 2 clips available at $3.99 each

Penelope Reading

174 images in this full screen photopack with Penelope and her long toes sitting or laying on the floor reading a book or a newspaper.
Serena thumb

Serena Body and Sole

175 photos lovely photos of Serena on black. $4.99

Rose toe ring

Here is a 200 image photo pack with Rose wearing a diamond studded toe ring. Check out this sample gallery.

Coco Couch

Here's a great photopack with Coco laying on the couch in her long black dress, long toes and pink nails. 159 image photopack

Rose at home

This was one of my favorite photo sessions from many years ago. Rose invited me over to shoot in her natural habitat. Her place was spacious and furnished with antiques and a classical piano piece was on the stereo that early summer morning. There are so many great shots that I have had to split it into two packs of 200 pics each.

Trinity Socks

Here's a free clip with Trinity in socks.

Serena Tabletop

The original was launched back in 2001 when I photographted in my livingroom. Then I used a more polished looking all white photo set. Although black was trickier lighting, I found shooting on black to be more intimate and artistic. Serena's tanned skin, photogenic body and incredibly wrinkled soles photographed beautifully on the black as in this photopack atop the table.